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Can Darth Vader command men and fleets, assuming he doesn't personally engage in battle? I mean, I would already give this to Sidious and the Galactic Empire, but with the likes of Thrawn and Vader? Psht. It wouldn't even be a competition.

One-on-One: Vitiate is immensely powerful in Sith Magics and rituals. He also absorbed the life force of an entire planet. But - and this is important - Sidious is the most powerful Sith to have ever existed. That means that he is stronger than Vitiate, even without sucking the life out of an entire planet. Sidious is so far ahead of Vitiate in terms of power, it's not even funny.

Fleets: The Galactic Empire has a far larger fleet. I won't go into too much detail, plenty of others have, even so far as the first page. But the Empire has a far larger, far better equipped and far better commanded fleet (even more so if we assume Vader and Thrawn are allowed to pitch in).

Ground Forces: Like the fleets, the Galactic Empire has a far more numerous, better equipped ground force and as far as I'm concerned this would normally give them the win. However, the Sith Empire has an abundance of Force Users fighting among them and commanding them. That is a big game changer. Against your average Imperial force - in a ground war - I have to hand the conflict to the Sith Empire. The Force and a Lightsaber are just too big an ally. When it comes down to the Galactic Empires elite, though (see: Stormtroopers, 501st, Imperial Guard) the Galactic Empire comes back in a whole new way.

Stormtroopers are meant to be insanely skilled. They only miss because the movies require them too. And the 501st are Vaders personal legion. Many of them were around in the Clone Wars and would have iced their fair share of Jedi. I'm gonna have to say ground-wise they are fairly even.

Vehicles: Galactic Empire wins. I have yet to see anything the Galactic Empire possess that could trump an AT-AT one-on-one in a ground conflict. Their walkers and tanks are inferior. Less numerous.

Overall: Sidious wins. His forces are better equipped than the Sith Empires forces, they are more numerous, they are better lead. The Galactic Empire is much more stable than the Sith Empire thanks to the Rule of Two which results in a marked decrease in Machiavellian Sith underlings. His fleets totally outstrip the Sith Empires, even including the Ascendant Spear. And if it ever came down to a duel between the two, Vitiate would learn to fear Sidious more than death as the latter throws the former around like a rag doll.
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