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So, according to posters opinion, SWTOR amount of active subscripstions is between 300k-600k.

An average of 450k then? WoW. less than 20% of the top number.

Not sure about how I feel about this... I wanted this game to be the next WoW, you know... What did we do wrong?
As a subscriber, I can tell you where I think the game went wrong.

1) I think it should of set the timeline for after RotJ and not thousands of years before. As a fan of Star Wars, but not a HARDCORE FAN, I'm actually saddened that I can't have such things as an X-Wing Fighter or an R2 Unit droid.

2) While the storyline concept is awesome! There was one flaw with it. I've run my Sith Inquisitor to 50. Now on any other character, the only difference in missions is the class storyline missions (If I dont decide to roll another SI to try out the other AC). From a PvE standpoint, I have no variation on the regular quests I can take to level up. This is fine for the early levels, but when it gets to mid-late levels, they should have had some more variations in the regular PvE quests.

3) They did a hardline between Empire and Republic and the classes. Maybe I'd rather have a IA who uses a pistol and vibro knife and not a blaster rifle (nevermind the fact that cutscenes for IA show a blaster pistol everytime, even though it's not even an option). Basically, whether or not one is an RPer, players have concepts in mind for their SW character, and TOR came out and limited them a bit.

4) Races and classes. I was with TOR int he beginning, but actually left untill the cashshop came out, because I hated the fact that I couldn't have the race I wanted to play with the class I wanted to play. I know I'm not the only one. That should have never been a limiting factor.

5) Content. Now I'm leniant on this, as I know MMOs need time to get to that point, and need a loyal playerbase to get there. Sadly, a lot of players now a days arent that patient. And they'll leave for the new shiney.