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actually seeing as there has been a HUGE increase in players i would say there is a increase in subs. You are also wrong on why they won't releve the next sub numbers because now that they are a hybrid model subscriber numbers doesn't mean anything. it's all about the the total income ie cash shop and subs. Which i guarnetee is WAY up
They said subs were going up after F2P, but they'd almost certainly dropped to 500,000 or below before F2P.

They are almost certainly making a lot of money with Gambling Boxes though, but it's the sustainability that is the issue, not the F2P surge what was bound to happen.

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then by all means.

What is Trions definition of success?

What is Turbines definition of success?

What is SOE's definition of success?
All of the were, I think, aiming at WoW, certainly SoE is using that sort of language with its new MMORPG (which may well be somewhat innovative ).
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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