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Gotta disagree with the getting smashed 1 vs 1 = bad player. I have seen plenty of pvpers that are excellent as a team although they are bad 1 vs 1. ( As in they know their role, how to cap/defend/pass, etc but tend to lose in a 1 v 1 encounter)
That's true. Though everyone has their own criteria for judging ability. I was once berated with paraphraphs of whispers from a DPS Sage who disliked that I received more votes than he did, despite "clearly beating me" (beating someone on your own team, you wonder? Confused me, too.)
Of course, a smart player knows that a total DPS score is not comparable between a ranged DPS, capable of pummelling anyone in field of vision, and a single target back-stabber who has to chase his victims around. Especially on Voidstar, where a good stealther in defence serves his team better at times by hiding, to get that last second interupt so that his team can respawn... But yes, all of that is obvious to a smart player

Back on point, 1 v. 1 survivability wouldn't be a fair measure of a PvPer universally. It discounts healers. It discounts any Commando or Sentinel who comes across a Scrapper (sorry). It discounts context... I can't help cringing a little when someone has jokingly bragged about killing me after a match, and the only times I can think of is situations of gang rape... were you one of my rapists? Sorry, I didn't catch all of your names. But to some people, that counts as a personal 1 v. 1 victory, as not everyone is aware of all the sources of damage you're taking, or that you've only just burnt through all your CDs or were chasing an objective rather than engaging them/... Many players aren't even aware of how much they are being HEALED, or that they're being healed at all. <--- Context is a big one.

I would say a Scrapper or a Shadow/Sin can be fairly judged by how well they kill others in isolation. That's what their class will be doing often as they try to cap nodes or... just generally be a nuisance everywhere.
Snipers/slingers are more heals dependent, but they'll be outputting a lot more damage overall if they know what they're doing. Likewise for most DPS PTs/Vanguards. Huge total DPS, but they can't achieve that alone. And why should they? It's a team game. (I still like to tease them about it, though)

...what the hell is this thread about, anyway?