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12.21.2012 , 12:57 PM | #7
Finally knocked out the last few space missions this morning. As to the above complaint:

New Cov Ice've actually said in your post how to do it. Getting the shield generators on Pass 1 is much easier if you remember that you can target things that are "invisible"--you can start hitting those things from waaay out, including nabbing two that are blocked by ice (right hand side). Blow those up before they are visible to you (before you hook around that ice). Then just unload your new, upgraded, more powerful missiles at the thing on the other two good looks you get. I can't tell from your post if you are fully upgraded or not...I agree that you basically must, 100% must, have the new missiles to take this one down. Maybe with pitch perfect play you could use the old ones, but certainly nothing less than perfection will do the job. This was the first space mission I successfully cleared.

Thanium Disruption...just cleared this morning. Dodge through first minefield, use EWP as main field starts firing on you, then when you are in range of frigate blow EMP and dump missiles. Field blown to pieces, frigate toasted. Switch to shield mode to get yourself back on your feet and then get ready for fast missile-n-gun games with the two other ships. It's all piloting and dumping missiles in 4s from that point on...this board is fast so re-running is not bad.