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12.21.2012 , 12:44 PM | #6
I agree with alot of what you say I do however think it will get there eventually. I really feel we will get the space combat and cosmetics/housing we want it just comes down too how much patients and grace we can give as customers . I also played GW2 I hate the rvr it was just zerging aoe's then making the long run back and the gear reward system for pvp and the lack of knowing your enemy(no names) made me lose intrest. I also missed the gear progression because with out an expertise or resilience system in place it was just a few classes just rolling the others(thief,warrior) I don't think people understand that expertise helps bring the"op" specs closer into line, with out it we know what classes will just steam roll all others plus I personally like working toward things that do help me stand out eventually everyone gets geared with the best and the playing field will even out everything in life is about the more time and thought you put into something you get more, faster . Everyone has the same chance to get the best gear and if you want to bring up skill over gear not every one has the best comp or comp gear multi- buttoned mouse gaming keyboard extra screens etc so people will always have an advantage on the interior or exterior unless bw made it so you had to play with a standard setup(standard mouse standard keyboard) then it will be fair I do realize how idiotic and nit picky that sounds but I am trying to make a point. Again expertise helps balance things when equally geared, with out it 3 classes rule the game and we all know it!