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no you are trying to say every MMO is not a success because it didn't get WoWs numbers.

Even though I proved you wrong. Sorry but Turbine, Trion, and SOE have their OWN ways to measurments of success. I guarentee if they didn't meat those numbers they wouldn't continue to put lots of money into the games in the form of expansions.

I showed you 3 MMOs that have all been sucessful post WoW. Now where is that innovative succesful post WoW MMO?
No, again I am not saying that, I am saying that is what the companies making MMORPGs since WoW are after.

Which is why they are copying rather than innovating.

As things stand we're in a death spiral with MMORPGs just trying to copy WoW and being less and less successful with every try.

Only innovation can push the MMORPG market forward and indeed is the only thing ever likely TO "succeed" like WoW.
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