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Oh no. Last time Revan went up against one of your favorite Star Wars characters he lost. Crap.

You think he's a tactical genius? I disagree, but I'll wait for his Kaggath to decide that.
You underestimate my appreciation for Revan. I'm betting on him winning this.

Oh and lets face it, Darth Traya beats Revan. Maybe not Darth Revan but she beats Revan, he hadn't become uber-Jedi yet.

P.S. On the topic of Revan I plan to restore the title of Darth to him at some point. Probably if he gets to the Semi-Finals, definitely if he makes it too the Finals. But I'm not sure yet, it depends on the make up of the tri-duel. So your just gonna have to bear with me on that front.

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Do you mind telling us what some of the rules are for the Tri-battle-Kaggaths? I've got some questions:
Can two sides become allies to defeat the other?
Can one of the participants sit back and watch the others fall?

I honestly think that both of these should be allowed. It's your call.
Yes the can team up, however there can only be one winner so their alliance can only last so long. And yes to the second point. The logic being it won't result in victory by default seeing as one will survive and has to destroy all opposition to win.

Lol, I'm getting excited just thinking about it!