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General Grievous vs Mandalore the Ultimate

Tyber Zann vs G0-T0*

Revan* vs Skere Kaan

Darth Malgus vs Prince Xizor

Darth Traya vs Darth Plagueis

Exar Kun vs Naga Sadow

*You may be wondering while G0-T0 is in the ‘losers’ bracket – but the fact is his victory was unexpected and a feel he is a better match for Tyber Zann than Traya. It also allows for certain individuals to make a cameo.
You just didn't want Traya to face GO-TO because GO-TO is the only one Traya can't corrupt, mind control, or auto-win with by hiding on Malachor V. :P

1. Malgus
2. G0-T0
3. Naga Shadow
4. Grievous

I think G0-T0 is the one to beat in this Kaggath. Assuming Malgus gets to the final, I think he's the only one who would be able to beat G0-T0.
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