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Quote: Originally Posted by Edaros View Post
You're not the one ruining it. The developer on the other hand is by making PVP gear on par with PVE gear, or better than PVE gear.

PVP gear shouldn't be a valid option for fast entry into the hardmodes. Getting into hardmode should require some PVE dedication.

PVP gear should have primary stats lowered to the point where it's worthless in hardmodes, just keep the PVP stats as they are,, that way people will have to acquire proper PVE gear before doing hardmodes, like normal people do.

As i said though, that's not your fault, it's the developer's fault for not thinking ahead, nor clearly enough when making the stats on the PVP gear.

The freebie Tionese given out to every single L50 is more than enough to do all the HM FPs other than HM Lost Island. If you're skilled, leveling blues are sufficient for most roles (It's not easy, but it can be done). So why shouldn't a "not lowest tier available" PVP gear work?

And PVP gear at a similar tier is already worse than PVE gear for raiding. BM gear is comparable to Rakata in it's tier.