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And someone stated to use Flame Thrower in your rotation, that is a dps loss unless there is more than one target. Mine hits for roughly 1650 a tick with crits.. which is a loss if your going after a 2k ish parse.
I could link you numerous parses of Vanguards and Powertechs getting over or close to 2000dps on the ops dummy using Flamethrower in their rotation if you'd like?
Also, in an ops situation Death From Above may be better to use than flamethrower as it'll get to benefit from armor debuffs.

Flamethrower or DFA is used instead of Rapid Shots when you have some heat to spare, which is why I said when under 20 heat. This is because Flamethrower or DFA is in increase in dps over something such as Rapid Shots and makes heat management easier than spamming Flame Burst.
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