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I think most people had that reaction for Mercs vs PTs, "My unload crits for 3.7-4k and I can do it like every 6 seconds then throw in tracers, rails and HSM *** can beat that?" First time I fought Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel’Sara and there happened to be a PT in the group, I can tell you I had to cancel unload and tracer so many times because of all the moving, I was actually getting pretty mad and the PT just took off in Mox when we finished I think I was about 250k behind. However, the upside is like I think someone mentioned before, if you don't have to move much you can contend with the better dps classes for top.
...And since PvP is all about moving, juking and kiting... get the rest. No need to repeating myself ^^
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