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Looking over the forums i see I PRE-ORDERD the game ,wft are you thinking off doing this at this state
WHY do i ask this , simple ............

1) look at the cost 9 bucks for subs ,we are already paying alot of money every month for a game that stil broke
in many way's ?
2) f2p who didnt buy the game (50 bucks at start) pay 20 bucks and get the PREFFERD state they are getting the main game and the expansion in 1 sell and a free update toward the restictions( the price of the game it self after a year is 16-17 bucks) so they pay only 3 bucks for the xpack.

so ppl who subed all year :
payed 50 bucks game box + 10 xpack = 60 (+ 15 monthly)

ppl with prefferd state
payed 50 bucks game box + 20 xpack (your no sub) = 70

ppl who are f2p
payed 0 buck's game box + 20 xpack = 20 and recive the prefferd state

IN my eye's sub and preffered players are getting screwd big time and the big winner is the f2p.
they get to lvl getting new planeet with new story ,while sub pay for the same .dif is the restrictions.
but these are limited seeing f2p are getting the prefferd state.
prefferd players getting nothing extra but have the pay the 20 bucks for the xpack

3) why pre-oder now what have we seen so far ?
some picture's and some word's in a forum , its not even on the PTS
payment is ONLY online , looking how well the SELL for CCoins are going wondering how well this is going to be.

what about players living not in the usa , or dont have a Ccard , paypal how are they going to pay and how sure we get what we payed for .(revering to the CC sell ).

after 1 year the sell price lowerd almost 3/4 of the officile price ,selling a very small xpack for 9-20 bucks is way to far.

the Xpack it self:
1 planet is this planeet shared between IMP/REP or get each faction there own planeet to explore and lvling ????
why i ask is OVERCROWED are's , camping spawn points , LAGGS.ed

if its shared is the world pvp / pve build ?? can factions meet for some world pvp ???
and will the planeet (server handle) this.

earlier in the year there was word about a new playable race is this included in the xpack ???
is the char a 0 lvl char at start or a premade lvl beeing unlocked like HK-51 compaion.
is this new race free for all sub's and f2p ?????
unlockably in the lagacy tree has a playable char for all classes??
Whar about Fpoints and raidscontent ????
gear for pvp and pve ??????
What's more is there in the xpack ????

weeks even months before the game it self came out there were movies , spots all over the web
with each release of content this became less and lesser the info about the game is poor.(became poor).
BW shut make more note's and release info's before make selling adv's on the web.