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I pick Revan to beat Kaan. Here's why:
- Kaan will experience infighting
- Revan's army is bigger AND is supported by the Republic, whereas the Army of Light was, appearently, not.

I pick G0-T0 to beat Zann just 'cause I feel like it

I pick Exar Kun to beat Naga Sadow.
- Kun's army is just SO lethal

I pick Greivous to beat MtU. (this one's gonna be close!)
- I imagine MtU's troops are of similar quality as the Clones EXCEPT there aren't as many Mandos as there are clones AND the Mandos don't have Jedi fighting with them BUT MtU has Basilisk War Droids.

I pick Darth Traya to beat Plagueis
- There similar... except... ya know... Traya has an army!

I pick Prince Xizor to beat Darth Malgus (although I'll root for Malgus)
- This isn't gonna be the kind of war Malgus is good at.. at all.
Tri-battles? hmmmm

The way I've picked it it'll be
Greivous vs G0-T0 vs Revan in the first one
Darth Traya vs Prince Xizor vs Exar Kun in the second one

I feel that Tri-battles would be a semi-unfair way to do this due to the fact that Tri-battles can be VERY unpredictable and random.

1st Tri-Battle:
I think any of them are capable of winning this. This is a toss-up. Regardless, I'm gonna argue for Revan.

2nd Tri-battle:
Holy Crap!! I wanted to say Kun would win this, but due to the Tri-battle format I could see Traya getting a win here. Interesting...
Nah... Kun's got this. His armies are just not gonna be damaged much from Traya's tactics. Kun wins.

CHAMPIONSHIP: Exar Kun vs either Greivous, Revan, or G0-T0
Regardless, Kun wins.