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I'm afraid I can't agree.

With a full set of grade 7 gear, the only one I find to be interesting is Thaniun Disruption. To me, it was simply a matter of learning the new flight patterns (which from my point of view was true of all the space missions the first time through) in addition to the upgraded tier of gear. I fear that makes me sound like some sort of self-congratulating space elitist... I'll say that I'm one of the small minority who enjoys the space missions for what they are.

I gave the new missions a try as soon as I could using just my grade 6 stuff. I managed to complete Regnant and Hypori Escort. Moving on, I found the others more challenging with grade 6 stuff (better to say too challenging) and ran off and bought the grade 7 stuff from the GTN/Daily Vendor. After that - again, learning the patterns made the difference. Thanium in particular seems to love throwing you into seemingly impossible-to-pass-through-safely patterns of rocks. Once you get it down, it's nice to collect those rewards for a sub-four minute mission. (This of course assumes the resets work - I've not managed to figure when these reset - I was under the impression a new daily would appear each day with a "weekly" on Sunday but that's another discussion...)

I now have 4 characters with a full set of grade 7s (still have a 5th set to buy for my final 50) and frankly enjoyed the new missions - the old ones had become so stale, that even as a space enthusiast I had given up on running them save during the leveling process. I've set a long term goal of working to complete them all using just the grade 6 gear. For now, I think there's one bonus I've not unlocked the codex entry for.

And for anyone who has completed all the new missions with just grade 6 gear - a big hat tip! I think I'm pretty good at space (the one area I AM good at lol) but I admit I've a ways to go before I can claim that Top Pilot honor.