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listen kid i'm pretty sure that LotrO, EQ2, and Rift weren't made by EA.

You yourself said that EQ2 was made BEFORE WoW so how come you think it is a failure? It wasn't designed with the desire to get millions of subs. It's also been around for over 8 years and had 9 FULL expansion packs. Yeah that's pretty succesful. Now we know that it was succesful because of what SOE does to it's MMOs that aren't succesful. Look at Vanguard Online. They pulled the staff from it and never released an expansion. SWG after the CU and NGE they stopped making expansions for it. However EQ2 has recieved a new expansion every year.

LotrO also has had 4 expansion packs and caused Turbine Studios to grow.

Rift just released it's first expansion pack. The company that makes it has never had to fire employees. In fact it has only hired employees since the launch of Rift. I would say that is pretty succesful.

But don't let facts get in the way of your inexperience kid.
Your ignorance is shocking, pal.