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Greetings VicinityProxy,

Thanks for contacting us.

At this point once a main Planetary mission has been abandoned, as you have experienced, it is not possible to reacquire it. We are also unable to grant this mission to your character.

You can still continue your characters progress as your class missions will lead you to the next planet. As you won't be able to continue on the planet mission you may need to level through alternative means until you can move to the next planet (PvP, Flashpoints).

We understand the frustration this will cause, but at this time there is no other steps that can be taken.

Thank you.
I appreciate the reply, but this is unacceptable. The mission was rendered completely invalid, and no other option was available other than to abandon it (as previously stated, resetting the mission proved to be futile). I should not be excluded from what I feel is a vital part of the game (story, the fourth pillar which was made such a selling point for this game) because of bad coding. This should be rectified, lest my subscription be canceled and all future funds for this game be spent elsewhere until a fix is issued (either directly to myself or through a patch).

Don't let me or the community down for something that isn't our fault. This issue and the bug I've experienced should be rectified immediately.

I expect a prompt reply. I'm not going to drop this.
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