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Itemization is horrible for corruption sorcerors. Don't fall into the trap that Force Mystic means that it's the best for you - it's not.

You need the armorings from Campaign/War-hero items, in order to keep the set bonuses. When it comes to Tionese/Columi/Rakata, you need to buy the force-mystic pieces for the set bonuses, and then fill in the mods and enchancement slots with crafted or bought mods and enchances.

When you start earning Black Hole commendations; purchase the 5 Force Mystic Armorings. Then, for each piece of moddable gear you have, buy 1 x Stalker boots, and take those mods and enchancements.

Make sure your crit is near 35 % or so, and stack up on Willpower, power and surge.
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