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Nar Shaddaa

Meanken and Zero stepped off the transport shuttle, quickly walking away. Zero turned to Mean. "Okay, here is the plan. I want you to go to the bar they are meeting up in. You should have no problem blending into the people there. I am going to go to the ship to grab my rifle and set up overwatch on the entrance. With any luck, we can take out these criminals and get the holocron. Otherwise, we should be able to track their employer and take them out.

Mean nodded. "Fine, I need a drink." Mean saw that Zero was about to go off again, and he raised his hand. "If I don't drink in a bar, it will stand out, and be noticed."

Zero considered this. "Fine, but don't go overboard. We still have a job to do."

"Ya, ya, I know, I know. Just let me do my things. I need to get my gear from the ship first."

"Me as well, let's go." The two walked back to their ship, and started grabbing their gear. Mean armed himself with an extremely large number of knives, all strapped to a knife belt, as well as a stealth belt and some grenades for good measure. Zero grabbed what looked on the outside to be a briefcase. On the inside was a collapsible sniper rifle, her favored weapon. Zero went to find Mean. "You ready? We need to get into position."

Mean finished strapping the knife belt on. "Ya, ya, let's get this over with." The two walked outside the spaceport to the taxi terminal, and got on a taxi, headed to the Club Vertica cantina.

* * * * * * * *

"Do you have everything you'll need?" Soleta asked as she stood, pulling her hooded tunic up and over her head to reveal a closely-fitted sleeveless shirt beneath. "Perhaps something else to wear? You're rather... hm. Distinctive."

Q slightly froze in distraction at Soleta's sleeveless appearance, but composed himself. "Shouldn't be for too much longer," Quintus replied as he got out of his lab coat, revealing a relaxed red collared shirt. He then proceeded to adorn his eyes with a pair of framed spectacles and to flatten the spikes in his hair. "How's this?"

Soleta gave Quintus a long, appraising look, then nodded. "Different enough to allow us to get close in the confusion, I think." She reached into her bag and pulled out her lightsaber, clipping the hilt to her belt. "I have this, I have you... I suppose that's all I really need right now. Are you sure you have everything?"

Quintus transferred a sufficient amount of grenades, medpacks, and a stealth field generator to compartments abundant in his belt and pants, as well as a droid remote. Finally, he placed his sheathed vibroknife in his right pants pocket and tested his boot knives. "I have everything I need."

"Excellent," Soleta responded, smiling. "We'd best be on our way, then."

* * * * * * * *

Mean and Zero arrived at the casino, the taxi stopping in front of the place. Mean nodded at Zero and the driver, handed over some credits for the ride, and walked into the building, taking a seat at the bar with a view of the main floor, ordering a drink and settling in. Meanwhile, Zero was still in the taxi. The driver looked over. "Is something wrong, miss?"

Zero looked up, flustered. "Oh, I seem to have lost my earring. Could you help me look?" The driver rolled his eyes and leaned over to help. Zero quickly grabbed him and knocked him out by injecting him with a tranquilizer. "I am sorry, but there was no avoiding it," she whispered in his ear. She dumped the man out of the car, knowing he would be out for a few hours. She took the taxi and flew it up to a good vantage point of the main entrance, quickly taking her briefcase and assembling her rifle, training it on the entrance and waiting for the targets to arrive.

Moments later, Quintus and Soleta arrived, stepping from their taxi to blend seamlessly with the small crowd milling around the spacious lobby. "Where do we want to set up for this?" she murmured, quietly enough that only Quintus heard. "In here, or nearer the bar?"

"A little bit of both," Quintus replied just as silently, "we can get a little closer if you want."

"Close would be better. I'd like a view of the bar in case — oof!" A very drunk Devaronian staggered through the crowd belting out off-key show tunes; a boisterous swing of his arms knocked Soleta against Q.

"My friend and I do not appreciate that, alien," Q growled at the drunken Devaronian just as he shot a sleep dart at him in close range. "Are you alright?"

"Quite alright, thank you," Soleta replied as she steadied herself again. She nudged the unconscious drunk with her toe, flashing Q a mischievous grin. "That was certainly direct."

"Indeed." Q returned the grin as he and Soleta cleaved their way through the crowd until they came across a pazaak table in the vicinity of the bar yet not in completely plain sight; off to the bar's left. Having decided where they should set up, Q tossed the dealer a 500 credit chit. "Let's go...gamble," Q whispered as he casually flashed a fabricated pazaak chip and winked at Soleta.

Soleta laughed brightly as she stood beside Quintus at the pazaak table, bending a bit to rest her head on his shoulder. "Hardly a gamble when you know fortune's on your side."

Mean was lounging at the bar, downing drinks and looking over the crowd when he saw a drunk Devaronian bump someone and quickly fall. Curious, he looked over and saw the man from that hanger earlier. He casually reached for his earpiece and contacted Zero. "Spotted your agent from the hanger, looks like he is staking the place out too. Orders?"

Zero quickly considered their options. "Get a picture of him; we can use it to figure out who he is. Do nothing else for the moment."

"Okay." Mean took out a miniature camera, aiming in the man's general direction and snapping the picture, then grabbed another beer and started downing it while he waited for the criminals to show up.

"We've been noticed," Soleta whispered into Q's ear, pausing to giggle faintly. To the rest of the table, she looked like nothing more than a vapid bit of arm candy. "The surly Chiss from the shuttle."

"Let's keep an eye on the blueberry." Q replied with a soft whisper as he stepped closer to Soleta. At the same time, he split the two nines he was dealt in this hand. "The second he tries to interfere, we bust him." Q snickered when a Trandoshan player ended up busting as he was dealt a ten on his second nine, pushing him to 19.

Mean noticed the woman hanging on the guy he was taking pictures of. Hmm... just another piece of @ss to hide behind, or someone more? Wait... that woman... wasn’t she the one from the shuttle? A partner? Mean started taking pictures of her along with the other guy as he continued to drink.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."