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traya was a very powerful force wielder.a manipulator ,a historian.she could protect herself from poison,control
beasts ,make her enemies feel their worse terrors,and forsee things far away from her time.revan's was
an expert dueler and had a very strong connection to the force,but not as strong as traya's.he could
also resist the dark side very affectively ,which means that traya's manipulating abilities
wouldn't work on him.Revan was a great strategist,while traya was more of the mastermind type.
if they went in a one on one lightsaber duel ,traya's telekinitic lightsaber's would give quite a fight
since traya is a master of shii-cho makashi and soresu.But Revan's lightsaber skills were better
because of his experienc all this years both as a Jedi and a Sith Lord.The best chance for Traya
to defeat Revan is using her powerful standart dark side abities(lightning,force grip,e.t.c.)
in an ammount that would overwhelm revan,but I don't think there's a big chance for that to
happen....Finally not sure if Revan's Empire and the Revanchist can be used(because he didn't have any
in the end)but if they can they would defeat Traya's Sith Triumvirate,because,mostly,by their overwhelming numbers...
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