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12.21.2012 , 07:30 AM | #1
So over the last 2 months I have rly been focusing on gearing up for end game content. I am rolling a sorc healer atm and all my gear at this point is coluim or better with about 5 pices of BH gear. No before getting to this point I was loading heavy with power/surge mods and enhancements and was doing very well. I would get my crit from implants and ear and willpower as well as the little bit alacrity that came on those items as well.

Now I am feel I am being forced into gearing all crit and lose a ton of power. Nothing combos to power/surge its all power/alacity and crit/surge. Meaning I have lost power gained crit to the point of over kill 36% and way too much alacirty with only a 77% surge. Without having to spend 500-1.5m credits for 1 mod or enhancement is there another way to get these from gear I can swap mods around in?

Or is this how it should be?