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Again, it is very difficult to find such information. However, I , too, will give you my opinion. Since there two types (three if you include preferred) of accounts now: free-to-play and subscription. As far as subscriptions are concerned, I would be very surprised if actual subscriptions are over 300k. I would say there are over 300k free-to-play accounts. The bad thing about this is that I believe that those who are subscription players are responsible for more than 80% of cartel purchases.
That is really the point of the FP model on all games. Free subs keep the game feeling alive, so that the subs don't feel like the world is dead, but they don't pay much at all. In fact the market items aimed at the free subs such as UI mods are very cheap, just to encourage them to spend something.

The expensive items such as the gear are to entice the subs to spend more money, these are the players by definition more dedicated to the game, and more likely to spend money on fluff items. These fluff items are usually what generates the revenue and the actuals subs usually just keep the game standing still.

Personally I think the F2P model is going to work, but only if the future development is along the right lines, which Makeb shows it is not.
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