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Is anyone else concerned with this? I've been a Synthweaver (added an Armormech sometime along the way) since launch. I've made a nice sum to support myself and our guild by crafting epic 49 belts, bracers, boots, and gloves for all classes and specs through Synth/Armor. You can make and sell these for reasonable costs and it keeps a healthy economy and money sink flowing.

Why would they kill this by giving every fresh 50 a set of Tionese which renders these useless and leaves Synth and Armormechs with only the annoying augment market to make any money?
Note: most F2P'ers cant use purple gear and by extension Tionese.

But I agree that devs have been consistently and intentionally undermining crafting for a long time now. I want it to stop.

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My first thought was, "What level 50 runs around in level 49 gear when you get recruit gear for free?" Someone already mentioned that tho.
note: recruit gear is utter garbage for pve. Actually in pvp as well.
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