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1. Yes. EQ2 has been very succesful, LotrO it has found F2P is very profitable, and Rift is also doing well and still P2P.
EQ2 was released 20 days before WoW, peaked at 350,000 subs (less than 50% of EQ1s and declined from there), it also wasn't innovative.
LOTRO did ok (peaking at 575,000 with F2P), but wasn't "successful" by WoWs standards and has an incredibly strong IP.
Rift again has done ok, and has certainly churned out more content with less devs and less players than SWTOR, but again "successful" compared to WoW? No.

2. Yes but indie games are ONLY succesful because they are small and made by small teams. You could not have an indy MMO for example.
I'm not so sure, several MMORPGs have been made by effectively "indy" teams, they usually sell out though. But again indy doesn't have the rights to innovation, its just they tend to use it rather than relying on copying and huge budgets.
3. Forseable future?? come on man we don't even know whats going to be in patch 1.7 let alone in Makeb. What makes you think we are going to know when the class stories are going to continue.
That's their words not mine when they were pressed in an interview about class story in Makeb and beyond.
You need to remember we are still gettting content that was supposed to be out over the summer if they hadn't downsized. From the launch and data mining Makeb was supposed to be out in like patch 1.5.
Indeed, I can't see how that means Class Story is going to arrive sooner though, if anything it will be later than theyve said (and they've not said it is coming at all).
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