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We've been through this before:
Can you name ANY MMORPG that has been "successful" since WoW?

There's a lot of indy games doing well, not Minecraft-well, but again Minecraft is an exception not the rule (much like WoW).

It's not in Makeb and there are no plans for the foreseeable future, sure we may see some more eventually (and we may never too), but it's not going to be before late 2013 at the very earilest.
1. Yes. EQ2 has been very succesful, LotrO it has found F2P is very profitable, and Rift is also doing well and still P2P.

2. Yes but indie games are ONLY succesful because they are small and made by small teams. You could not have an indy MMO for example.

3. Forseable future?? come on man we don't even know whats going to be in patch 1.7 let alone in Makeb. What makes you think we are going to know when the class stories are going to continue.

You need to remember we are still gettting content that was supposed to be out over the summer if they hadn't downsized. From the launch and data mining Makeb was supposed to be out in like patch 1.5.