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but it is more risky. Can you name an innovative MMO that has been succesful?
We've been through this before:
Can you name ANY MMORPG that has been "successful" since WoW?

Yes some indie games are doing well the most obvious is Minecraft. However those are the few. Most indie games have only a handful of people working on it. Of course they never reach the numbers of CoD, or even the numbers of say Medal of Honor.
There's a lot of indy games doing well, not Minecraft-well, but again Minecraft is an exception not the rule (much like WoW).

btw you assume that class story has been abandoned. Remember Makeb was just supposed to be a regular content patch. It was never meant to continue the class story. I assume that would happen with a proper expansion pack.
It's not in Makeb and there are no plans for the foreseeable future, sure we may see some more eventually (and we may never too), but it's not going to be before late 2013 at the very earilest.
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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