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because inovation is too risky. Gamers always say they want something new and innovative but the truth is quite the opposite.
Whats the best selling FPS franchise? Call of Duty. Meanwhile innovative FPS like Killer 7, Stalker, Metro, Deus Ex and others at best do ok.

RTS? Starcraft is the most succesful while others that are far more innovative lose out.

TIme and time again players say they want something innovative but always buy the same old.

When it comes to MMOs you are talking about a HUGE investment so what do you do? You make it close to the industry leader while adding your own unique things.
Games that try something different like The Secret World, or SWG end up failing hard because the truth is players don't want that. Players want what they are used to.

Except innovation isn't more "risky" than just copying and failing again and again.

I know it's happening and why (this is why all video games, not just MMORPGs, are now endless copies of something done before, and the same can be said for films and largely music), I'm saying I don't agree with the corporate accountants view, they have no idea, which is WHY all those industries are declining.

Yet indy development (and film and music) is innovating and is getting bigger all the time.

SWTOR has a further problem in that they didn't even hit the lower bar for copying in many respects, and unfortunately Class Story (which has largely been abandoned now anyway) whilst GREAT doesn't make up for that.
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