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On the group tab, where it says join, click that and a window will pop up and you'll see 2 tabs: join and create. click over to create and it will generate a key in the upper right corner. Put this in vent/mumble/ts.

Everyone now click on join and puts the the key provided. They dont even need to be in the same group, but they should be for reasons ill specify below.

Now you go and do your raid/fp whatever. When done, click on the parser and you'll see a button for export, it'll give you a drop down. Export as text file. (i just save it to its defualt location to keep them separete from normal logs) Now just hit up askmrrobot and upload the entire file. Bam, all done.

Ok now some notes:

- Anyone can export the text file, not just the person who created it.
- If someone dc's or exits monitor mid fight it doesnt like all. Sometimes it will even merge fights together
- merged fights...grrr. Nothing worse than seeing 4 boss attempts and its kill all merged into 1 long fight.
- not everyone will show up in monitor. Its annoying. Just make sure someone who can see everyone in it does the upload.
- this program, although awesome, is no longer supported, and hasnt been updated in some time
- only works, to my knowledge, with robot.
- might not play nice with people with slow internet
- if someone is in the parser, then goes and does something else, it will merge that data with yours, often producing unrealistic numbers.

I personally prefer monitor since its a pain in the *** getting people to upload, but has gotten increasingly more unstable the last few weeks so we just stopped with parses altogether and have people upload to torparse.

I hope you guys have good luck with it, and in a dream world, someone would pick up the torch on a good idea that went unsupported.
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