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@Hoyden: Did you really cry at your work??
I'm glad you liked it.

@Milani: in kind of way


The routine...

Check outside of ship for trackers.

Enter the ship. Don't hesitate.

Stop. Listen. Nothing.

Thermal look. Nothing.

Check the droid. Locked and down. Don't think.

Quick sweep of ships interior for trackers. Avoid engine room. Don't look back.

Walk to the refresher. Get undressed. Clean knives and cybernetics. Have shower. Wash hair. Dry body. Get dressed. Don't grieve.

Take serum. Go downstairs. Cook (Optional). Eat (Also optional). Work out. Practice. Shower again. Don't miss.

Check the ships status. Set course if needed. Fix anything. Don't regret.

Go to bed. Sleep for 1.3 hours. Wake as soon as dreams begin. Don't dream.

Work out. Practice. Shower. Sleep again. Wake. Don't remember.

Check holo messages. Think of Gault. Watch Blizz's latest message. Cry (optional). Take serum. Sleep. Don't feel.

Wake. Shower. Work out. Shower. Get dressed. Eat. Leave. Kill. Return in days. Only get revenge.