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There has always been some kind of mobskipping in either small or large scale in flashpoints but the latest trend is simply wrong.
It seems that teams doing flashpoints skip some of the bosses and have no respect for the ones that are signing up to get better gear.
Please respect the players that join flashpoints with groupfinder to gear up, it is enough to wait for ages for them to pop.
Alternatively Bioware could make the flashpoint not complete unless all bosses are dead (the way it should be)
Is it fair to ignore players in the team that needs gear and steamroll through the flashpoint not listening at all?
No it's not wrong. If you want to see the story, do all bosses, etc then go in guild. BW just introduced a welfare system as it is giving all 50's a free set of Tier 1 gear that most of us had to work for back in the day. It's fascinating to see people who think skippers "have no respect" for them, yet have zero issue with making people who have done these FPs dozens of times and need nothing but the comms sit through every convo without spacebaring, kill literally every extraeneous mob and do obsolete bosses for gear that's made redundant or worse by the new welfare system.

Making a FP incomplete until all bosses are dead is both a joke and an insult. What happens when you get a group of horrid pugs (don't laugh, they're out there in droves with F2P now) who can't kill a boss? Then you're just ff-d. Hard as it may be to believe, some people don't have a ton of time to spend grinding the same FPs over and over and some have to do several a day and don't want it to be an all day extravaganza.

You want thoughts so here's one: how about those players who have done said FPs more times then they can count automatically receive 5 BH comms upon logging in once per day? It eliminates the need for them to carry people and allows you to do the FPs with like-minded and poorly-geared people who can then kill anything and everything that moves till your heart's content. Everybody wins!