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If it's such an awful character with such poorly-thought out writing and numerous plot holes ... well, then there'd be no reason to respond to anyone's fangirling of the character, hmm? Heck, the fact so many people have to post so many threads describing this one single character seems, to me at least, to indicate the writers of the story did a pretty dang good job, hehe.
If they did it well people wouldn't be confused about him.

But this confusion only arises because they removed the option to kill him. He started following you, maybe out of his own will, maybe under orders, that doesn't really matter. At some point after serving you faithfully, and maybe even becoming romantically linked (Most likely real feelings) he shows his true colours once Baras asks him to betray you. And those true colours are that he feels more loyalty to Baras than to you (Not that he doesn't like you, or woudln't be loyal to you in any other circumstance, just that he feels he owes Baras more).

The options you should have had are 'kill him for his betrayal' or 'leave him alive because you now know he will show you the same loyalty that he showed to Baras". It only falls down because you lose out on the most popular choice.
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