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12.21.2012 , 02:10 AM | #10
My last game, I wanted to heal for a couple of games but since the dps I was matched with in previous games sucked I decided to dps instead. That's usually what it looks like in normal warzones as long as I'm not playing against the best premades on the server. I tend to always heal for more than I dps though. And yes, we lost because some idiot doesnt know what stealth classes are.

Point being, as long as you stick to normal warzones it's you and not the class. That said, I would have had 800K in this game if I had been able to spec for dps instead of survivability so we really need some tweaks. Or if it atleast had been possible to maintain force while zerging in the balance tree.

And yes, even in 1396 expertise I'm still taking hits on 6996. get used to that.