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I was trying to read through this whole thread before posting but I could see it gowing faster then I could read and most of the comments were getting redundant ant way. SO if I missed something signifigant well I'm sorry.

About all rhe Free ro play vs Pay to win atguements. And the cost of buying aspects of the game a la corte or piece meal as it were...

You know tis is a business right? Bioware and Electonic Arts and Lucas didn't put this game together to provide a charity for Star Wars fans. They did it to make money. The point of Free to play as far as I understand it is to ptovide people an opportunity a chance to play without making a financial comitment. The idea being that if they like what they see they might actually purchase a subscription. So far from I've seen people aren't liking what they've seen and there in lies the problem. I have been a sucscriber from the begining I had enough Fleet Comms and all to buy all the items in question when they were released. I also had all the grade 6 upgrades. I looked at the difference and with a few exceptions the upgrades were questionable. Yes the shields and the amor is a signifigant boost but everything else is meh.

Now if you've tried the new space missions you'll see the fundamentla flaw of the developers. They've designed things to annoy the customer base. I'm gong to make a more detailed post elsewhere directed to the people involved in making the game. But ive seen it go from pages of srevers to a handful. They're trying to make back there costs some how and I'm not going to fault them for that. If you're a subsciber and you aquanered all your CC in the first week and now you can't buy the ship upgrades well that was your choice. As I said I could have bought them with in game currency I could have bought them with my free coins. As it turns out I found someone selling them on the GTN for 30K a piece and that was too good too pass up. Even my cybertech couldn't make them fro that price and I bought the scems just in case a market ever opens up. Yeah I know not likely.

But my question is for all those people crying about what free to play does get you and I want to know what do you want for nothing? The comapny still needs a staff. They need to pay to maintain there equipment and overhead. They *need* to make money some where or they will fold and there will be no game what so ever.

Honestly I'll agree with people who said they need to keep their current subscribers happy because compared to launch there are so few of us left.