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But... isn't PT suppose to be a tank class, while Merc is a DPS class? I know thats pretty simply put, but if you watch the "class trailer" you get the impression that one is about disables, flamethrowers, and melee, while the other is about missiles, bombardments and 2x laser pistol. I mean, 2x pistol gotta do more dmg than just one, right? And missiles... that seems pretty caster-like. Melee, with full plate... Correct me if I'm mistaken here, but doesn't a "tank" come to mind pretty quick?

These were at least my observations when I saw the trailer before the game was released. I played in the beta and i picked Merc there. I found it really fun, and i wanted to be a DPSer, so naturally I picked Merc as launch, too. Now, I find myself playing a class that's bad at both PvE AND PvP.... Is it even worth continue playing it? I mean, even Bodyguard seems to struggle in PvP, due to long cast times and being very stationary... and that's just a HUGE disadvantage as a caster in PvP. At this moment, I feel I should reroll to a sorc, if I want to be a healer, a sniper or TD if I want to DPS, or TD, Assassin or Jug if I want to Tank....

Whats the point in even continuing? Don't give me that "play what you enjoy". Thats not a answer. I enjoy to not get outplayed at every aspect no matter what I do, okay?
Oh my bad, you're right. I guess your assesment of the current balance just from watching a trailer is more accurate.
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