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I just want to write it here, i really love this game and all that, but seriously, my charachter has said the same thing 324222 times in quests, can something be done here?
The voice over is pretty much ruined after you had one answer like "i do not fear you" with Jedi Knight for example.
All the time, when i click some answer, its : "I DO NOT FEAR YOU". Seriously......
You hyped the voice over and story, can you just go trough all the answers and remove the exact same ones, someday... I know it will probably be a lot of work, but leveling one character is basicly only time that you will have fun with that aspect, even in class quests i have the exact same words coming from my character, even tho a guy says something completely different and i click something funny for example.
A guy just said i will cut your face off, and i click "Can it"
Wonder what comes out of my chars mouth?
I really like leveling alts, i have a few high level chars, and its always the same thing that is bothering me, same answers, most of the time.
Would be better to read the unique and fun answer than to hear a copy of one most of the time.
No hate, i really love to play this game more than any other mmo, that is why i am writing this, so you can take a look at it and improve it.
Thank you.
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