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Not unlike all other sensible upstanding citizens, I too was very pissed off about this.
It is annoying, sad and pathetic on two different levels.

Surface waters are sour in obvious enough fashion: I am heartless,selfish evil and cruel Sith Warrior. I get betrayed. Immediate slow terrible violent murder death kill is only logical reaction most people (guessing here) want to have for their Sith Warriors. Instead, we have dialogue wheel that looks like this:
A) It's alright
B) Why did you do it
C)Please don't do that again
This felt insulting in ways similar to what it felt like when Lord Scourge asked my Knight about my children.IIRC my dialogue options were like A) I love humpin them ladies B) I have humped many a lady C) I cant wait to hump them ladies WHAT CHILDREN I AM A JEDI I LIVE IN CELIBACY DAMN IT

Deeper waters of Quinn gate have them implications that are even more depressing. Sith War was 1st Storyline I finished. Thanks to crude heavy handed way Quinn was protected by plot It was imemdiately painfully obvious that if people writing this junk lived in cage so small they didn't have a freedom to kill a companion even in these conditions, they surely would not be able/willing to kill any of them ever. On any class. For any reason. I'm literally willing to bet my account details on this. Credit card included. I'm 100% sure there is not a single companion between any of the classes in this game that could under any conditions die in pernament fashion. This game has like..what 40(!!) different companions. They form majority of the NPCs who stick with player through the storylines. Knowing ALL of them end up in various Happily Ever After types of situationsin the end is bit of a drag, no?
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