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12.20.2012 , 07:20 PM | #7
I don't particular care if they add arenas, but they should be at the bottom of priority list. The developers need to fix ilum, need to add better rewards than just recolored gear for rated warzones, and need better class balance. Until these three main problems in swtor are fixed, arenas shouldn't be developed. Arenas are a niche market at best. Even WoW doesn't care about arenas any more. Thus, if WoW the creator of arenas regards arenas as a failure, then why would swtor developed them for a small minority of players who want them.

People left swtor due to the ilum not working, which was completely broken. There were serious class imbalances early in the game especially with sorcerers for both the casting and melee specialization. The way gear was initially acquired was a mistake too. The champion gear bag drove many people away from pvp or completely left the game. There are more important things to add or fix than adding arenas.
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