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Given the thread title begins with "Healer", I'm gonna respectfully disagree with you

Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages
War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages
I don't PVP at all, so I've been using the matrix cube plus the Champion Relic of Boundless Ages. I have enough daily comms now for the Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages. Should I pair it with the matrix cube, or the Champion Relic? Which is better: 84 Willpower + 27 Crit, or 18 Willpower + 97 Power?

I tried comparing each using the Gear Editor on Ask Mr. Robot. If I pair the Dread Guard Relic of BA with the matrix cube, I'll have a bonus healing (fully buffed and stimmed) of 790.6 and crit chance of 39.48%. If I pair the Dread Guard relic with the Champion relic, I'll lose enough crit that I'd have to exchange one of my aptitude mods for a mettle mod. Then, it would give me a bonus healing of 789.2 with a crit chance of 39.69%. They seem very close to me, and I don't know how to calculate which will lead to overall better healing. It's especially complicated by the fact that these numbers don't reflect how my bonus healing will change when 25% of the time I have the Dread Guard relic activated...I have no idea how to factor that into the calculation. My current crit multiplier is 76.10%.

Edit: OK, so I checked out the SWTOR formula list at MMO mechanics, and did some math. Given my surge and the two possible crit/power combinations, I calculated the "average tick" of my Healing Trance and found a minuscule difference: <0.1 average healing difference between the two options (Champion relic with the slight edge). When I add in an additional 25% chance to crit, based on the fact that I almost always use Healing Trance after a Rejuvinate, the difference in "average tick" is still <1 point of healing (though the matrix cube then comes out on top). So basically, I was way overthinking all of it.

Conclusion: If you're PVP-phobic like me, you can pair your Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages with either the Matrix Cube or the Champion Relic of Boundless Ages--whichever makes you happy. It probably won't matter much. (For the record, your bonus healing will be about 4 behind someone using the Elite War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages. It's OK.)
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