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That's not true! I mean... I got in MVP and I'm not exactly... good...
Lol joining MVP is nothing special whatsoever. There are plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of crap pvpers in MVP who seemingly think they are special because they are in MVP and wear it like a badge of honor. These players firstly get smashed in one on one fights without other people helping to kill their target and secondly, these people are riding the coat tails and efforts of people like Steelclaw (1,000 blessings upon her ) who are legitimately awesome pvpers. The percentage of great pvpers in mvp is a lot smaller then you think.

But I digress, back on topic, you will find that a lot of these so called "Small Guilds" are just a bunch of friends who form a guild together and play together. And more power to these people. I don't think Dalborra needs to be populated by mega guilds. A lot of guilds do their own thing and I am fine with that. And yeah I too have been invited by these guilds I have never heard or seen before. Some just outright invite me without asking me which I hate.

Bottom line: Yes there are plenty of small guilds on Dalborra, some are private. Others are trying to grow. All guilds have to start small at some point remember.