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12.20.2012 , 02:52 PM | #47
I tend to run my companions on slicing missions while I'm running dailies, flashpoints and ops. Just keep them running in the background, re-send them out when they come back.

I've never really paid close attention to specific drop rates, but over a weekend of extended play I can get a half-stack of ANAs and 5-10 mission discoveries, the sum total of which sell for considerably more than what it cost to run the missions themselves.

I suppose if I were sitting on the fleet only doing crafting this would be annoying.

Of course, no profit I could make on slicing remotely compares to those that have unlocked grade 26 and grade 27 schematics. I friend of mine has a number of Grade 27 unlettered mod schematics unlocked and can make as much in a day as I could make in a month.