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I'm sorry, but this response did nothing but make me more concerned.

It was said that there would be no pay-to-win items on the Cartel Market, that it would be cosmetic only. It's starting to look a little like Animal Farm with the pigs slowly changing the writing on the wall.

I'm not really fussed about the ship parts since it's essentially a mini game with no competition from other players, but it's still a bad move because it trivializes both play time and crafters' efforts.

But what really concerns me is this quote:
"It is not our intent to make the Cartel Market the “way to play" the game—we want you to feel that both the Cartel Market and earning gear in game are viable options as far as value goes, neither being far more efficient or effective than the other."

No, I don't want to feel that both the market and earning in game are viable options. Cartel Market should not be an option for earning end-game gear of any kind. End of story. Don't even think about it, unless you really do want to drive away all your loyal players (what's left).
This is the real issue at hand - although it has been buried because certain people keep arguing about the semantics surrounding the term "P2W".

Glad someone else caught that anyway.