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But you still do t get it. Your entire threads of explanation and math about the insignificant extra BH comms are great but pointless.

No one cares about getting BH comms easier. The real problem is the increased ease to which fleet comms can be farmed for Dread Guard crafting mats that are very difficult to come by. If anything the increase in BH comms only gets someone half way to an extra BH piece that when REd is just a guarantee of 1 Stab without criting whereas the crafting boxes are a higher guaranteed drop.
The person I was answering did.

....and ease? Have you tried the new missions? They are only doable once a week? You can earn Fleet coms much faster, much easier, with less time by just doing all the older missions. Takes about an hour to earn 100 fleet coms a day. You can only earn about 140 a week doing the heroic missions. It is still minute, and can be easily caught up in a day or two.

The bottom line is that the Cartel Market is supposed to be for non stats based character customization and access to in game content. Anything that has stats on it that is purchased gives those that can spend real currency an advantage over anyone who cannot. They screwed subscribers, they screwed crafters, and they screwed the player base and not because of an in game mechanics issue or game play decision but in order to make some more quick cash. This has EA written all over it.
I am a subscriber, and this is not "what the cartel market is suppose to be". As I said in my first post in this thread, it is mind projection fallacy, one assuming that their personal belief is law.

As a subscriber, this does not "screw" me, it helps me. Until this time I was at a disadvantage to those that had tons of time to play the game and do that mindless grinding, so from a certain perspective, I could make a blanket statement across the board arguing that this helps subscribers.

Point is, you have the time, not the money. I have the money, not the time. This provides for us both to enjoy the game as we see fit and the differences are minute enough to not really matter. There are far more interesting ways in which they are "breaking the game" then this. This is nothing.
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