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So far I've found PvP with a leveling Merc very Strong, at level 40 in Alderaan I Solo'd 2 level 40's a Vanguard and a Gunslinger. I imagine the Jedi Knights and Shadows will tear you a new one at level 50. I guess i'll go forward with Merc then Thanks for the replies all.
Sub-50 PvP is indicative of ....nothing in lev 50 PvP. The reality is that even in lev 50 PvP you can compensate for a lot of the Merc dps' shortcomings with raw player skill. Can a Merc dps be one of the 20 best PvP toons on a server? Yes, by having the absolute best player skill. But that is what is always comes down to. At the high skill levels, you MUST be a better player in order to achieve the same results with Merc dps. Because Merc dps is hands down the worst class in the game.