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12.20.2012 , 01:57 PM | #892
And I disagree. I don't care to play or pay for a game that does something that I feel is truly breaking the integrity of progression in this game. It's sort of like Botting was in D2. It feels great to know that you earn your own windforce. The game lost it's flavor for me, when my buddy showed me his 6 Windforces because he was using a pindlebot... at least it's multi-player favor. Playing with people around you who are blowing up the mobs because they're uber-stacked isn't fun... it's even less fun when you know that the people didn't make any sort of effort to obtain that gear.
This is not D2 and there is no crisis.

Read above. It is breaking nothing. It will have no bearing on "the integrity of the game" whatsoever. It is minute and provides no advantage of note.

People have just gone off the deep end on this without ever really investigating and analyzing what took me about ten minutes to prove out.

If someone can contest the math, if someone can say, "hey Black, you forget x and it will skew your results, then I would change my conclusion, but as of right now, its all negligible...especially since the missions are pretty much broken, no re-spawning as they should be. ;p
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