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It is not "silly to me", its just plain silly. I've already validated my point. I've already demonstrated it with the math. It grants at minute advantage not even worth worrying about. I will demonstrate further if it will help you to understand.

Assuming that we both grind all available sources for BH comes, you grind for the ship parts and I buy them. You will be able to obtain sufficient ship parts to start grinding the space missions in 2 weeks. Considering that my advantage is approximately 14 coms per week, this entire hysterical thread is about an advantage of 28 coms that I could earn in excess of what you can earn by just grinding. It also negates the fact that I have to grind level 7 missions (and therefore "work" for the addition coms).

Even if you did not grind the space coms for the gear, did not grind the cash for the ship upgrades, my total advantage would be approximately 42 coms., and only for a half of a week.

That, in no way, especially since we are speaking of a single player aspect of the game, is play to win. If people had just looked at the situation, the math, rather then running around like their hair is on fire they would see how minute this issue is. Much bigger issues to deal with in this game.

See above. You are not in that game.....not yet at least.

Don't act that way and you won't get called on it. ;p

P2W is P2W.
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