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Ok, slightly off topic regarding skipping bosses but a tie in with bad behavior in flashpoints in general:

As of late it seems that lower level players love to need on thing that YOUR character needs and they have absolutely no use for. A couple weeks ago I was running Athiss on my marauder had a sorcerer need on a single hand strength light saber off the final boss. Today while running Hammer Station on my bounty hunter, I had another sorcerer need on a heavy helm with aim on it off the final boss. Both items were upgrades for the toons I was running with and neither of the players who snagged the items responded when I asked them why they needed on the respective items.

Needless to say both of these clowns went on my ignore lists on each of those toons. Knowing what most of you probably already know about what your companions can/can't use or even when you pick them up, why the hell are people being this stupid or being blatant jerks about what they need on?
This behavior is now the norm not the occasional exception. In every group finder pop I also seem to get pseudo powertech tanks without shield generators and outfitted in the yellow mandalorian raiders armor. None of these needers seems to speak English until you initiate a vote kick. The pseudo tanks may think they can need on anything without consequences. I don't let that go because I explain that my 13.5k hp BiS lvl 32 Kaliyo is probably going to be a better tank than their 4k hp pseudo tank and that I could probably solo most of the flashpoint with this companion if I wanted to.

This game breaking behavior did start with F2P. It seems many of these F2P players actually bought a sub because 50% of these ninjas can trade when called out on their behavior. I don't believe these people are longtime subbers since you should probably have a level 50 by now that could feed loads of cash to your alts.