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12.20.2012 , 01:07 PM | #17
pre armor/DR at 1600/1700 balanced pool

PT) .4705,.4566
Jugg-hybrid) .4299, 0.42
sin) .3562,.3452

with 1600 with def on use relic:

PT) .4312 (similar to 1900 build) time averaged
Jugg) .4014 (1900)
sin) .3305 (1850)

1600 build with on use shield/absorb:

PT) 0.4196( over 2000)
Jugg) .3908 (2000+)
sin) 0.3199 (1950ish build)

1600 build with proc absorb
PT: .4380
Jugg: 0.4014
Sin: 0.3304

Time averaged (which i think is a bad assumtion for the proc relic given that is will only have that up for 3 hits (4 if the proced one gets the absorb):

Def Use shield proc absorb +100 stats
PT 0.464 0.462 0.46075 0.4566
Jugg 0.42515 0.4237 0.42315 0.42
Sin 0.3519 0.35015 0.34846 0.3452

nothing does better than incrteasing your mitigation pool by a balanced 100 points it seems, so war hero seem better
so i dont really suggest the defense relic for sin tanks. the shield and absorb is awesome for all the tanks, so i do suggest having one shield/absorb on use relic to load for anything with a moment of high burst that is shieldable.

what bosses might these be?

keopghess undying has some swapping, but you cant shield that dmg. stormcaller/firebrand has switching but cant shield storms damage (although popping one of these relics during the last 20 seconds before getting back on stormcaller would be awesome i think). toht and zorn, during the red circle phase to give higher TTK would be nice since healers are avoiding circles during that time... but thats not very heal intensive if tanks are positioning correctly (aka no one getting knock back). writhing horror, damage from boss and male seems on par do i dont thin there is a good time to pop it really, other than when a healer is in the red pool and cant reach a tank and the tank is low. dread gaurd... whoever is on kelsara shoudl pop it i guess. operator, when one tank has 2 regulators they should pop it. and pop it for TFB 2nd phase if you tank on interior, and during tantrum i think