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Been that way since launch. Nothing new here or changed here.
<snip> ... Hood toggle must be a VERY, VERY, VERY complicated thing to create because it's been "in the works" since before 1.2. Apparantely creating a button to change a small part of chest gear models takes a super long amount of time.
Add to that the extreme complexity in making the Drunkard's Vote Cantina a place where you can actually speak to your companion the way it was intended. I am sick and tired of all the new bugs that get introduced with each patch and get added to the "Known Issues" list where they go without a fix. The taxis still flicker, Kira Carson still carries her lightsaber on her chest, not to mention the floating lightsabers that get left behind after the companion leaves. War Zone kills are not credited properly, my camera still won't stay where I put it, and the list goes on and on. I think there was one item from the list fixed in Patch 1.6. That is ridiculous!

I have been a paying subscriber since February 2012. I agree that subscribers should have gotten a better anniversary gift than these worthless fireworks as a thank you. But I am more upset at the apparent lack of movement in the bug-fixing department. I don't give a damn about new content. By the time I get to 50, the cap will be 55. By the time I get there and start gearing up, the cap will get moved again. I'm glad that there will be new stuff for me when I get there, but FIX THE OLD BUGS FIRST.

Many posters on this forum believe that BW / EA are more focused on money than customer complaints. If that is true, then we need to get their attention by affecting their profits. I am calling for a boycott of all new content until the old bugs are fixed.

I will not support any new content until the old bugs are fixed, or at least a substantial amount of them are fixed. I will not buy Cartel Coins and I will not buy any Expansion Packs until the bugs are fixed. When the game becomes too boring because I can't play any further without paying, there are a lot of other games with quality content.
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