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So I've seen some nice tactics in PvP...

In Voidstar I've seen Sniper/Gunslinger apply Plasma Probe/Incendiary Grenade on 1 door and check the other. And doing the same in Civil War to keep the other team from capping when their teams forces are getting low. Putting it on the turret controls when their health gets around 25%. The AoE keeps enemy players from being able to cap. & Capping in while in Cover. ! second away from capping and luckly that Sentinel/Marauder can't leap to you.

In Huttball I've seen 1 Sentinel/Marauder pop their transcendence to get the tank to the ball while a Sage/Sorc & Sentinel/ Marauder took the upper ramps, The Sage/Sorc Pulled the tank (that he had pre-targeted in the beginning of the match because he knew what tank was getting the ball) to the upper ramps and their Sent/Mar used their Transcendence (2nd Transcendence) to rush the ball into the endzone. Happened twice. Poetry in Motion...

For those solo guards who like to stand outside of the hut in Novare Coast at the Eastern & Western Emplacements. An Assassin/Shadow Force pulls another player to the edge and Force Waves the off the edge and the Assassin/Shadow Force speeds to cap.

What neat/annoying tactics happen on your server?
Nolvare coast vs 8 rage juggernuats in WH gear , we all clustered at the fight on nolvare for mid , they used smash all at once and about 6 teamates died in 1 hit from the aoe damage. We where dying after the match , about how funny it was
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