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Another short!

On THURSDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and LORD SCOURGE.

BABY PIERCE and BABY TALOS show up late. BABY PIERCE carries a huge bag that clanks when he walks.
BABY TALOS: Hi, everyone!
BABY JORGAN: Hi, guys. Where've you been?
BABY TALOS: I've been having all kinds of adventures helping Pierce to recover the -
BABY PIERCE: Sshhh, you'll ruin it!
BABY PIERCE makes a break for the closet.
BABY PIERCE, shutting the door after himself: Nobody look!
Several other children exchange looks. Then they follow BABY PIERCE to the closet. BABY PIERCE is inside, busily assembling a box about the size of his own head. It has a keyboard console on one side.
BABY PIERCE, fitting a last part into place: Hahahaha! It's mine!
BABY JORGAN: …What is?
BABY PIERCE holds up the box.
BOX: Greetings, master! Are you prepared to educate organics?
BABY PIERCE: You mean assassinate?
BOX: Assertion: Definitely educate. Can you spell out CAT using the keyboard?
BABY PIERCE: But you're HK-51. HK. Hunter-killer unit.
HK-51: Explanation: HK is for Speak and Spell.
HK-51: Matter-of-fact statement: It's Huttese.
BABY PIERCE: Talos, I am never coming to you for translations again.
HK-51: Observation: You haven't spelled CAT yet, master. You can do it! Just use the keyboard to –
BABY PIERCE: Oh, stow it.
BABY PIERCE dropkicks HK-51. HK-51 goes flying across the room.
HK-51: Observation: That was a 'J' you kicked, master. That is not how CAT starts at all!
HK-51 clangs into the wall and thunks to the ground.
HK-51, in a suddenly much colder voice: Secondary protocols activated. Initiating deletion sequence: J.
BABY TALOS: Oh! Is that what clears the incorrect letter?
HK-51 lights up and shoots a high-powered plasma bolt at BABY JORGAN.
BABY JORGAN, getting singed as he dives out of the way: Ow ow what the hell is that!?
BABY PIERCE: I do not know. But I'm keeping it.
BABY PIERCE sprints to grab HK-51 before anybody else can get there.
T7-01 rolls in from around the corner.
T7-01: Jorgan = no swearing // Something = wrong?
BABY JORGAN: Pierce is trying to kill us all, sir. Again.
BABY PIERCE: I was just playing with this educational toy, right here. It deletes things.
T7-01: Educational = good // Pierce = play nice
HK-51: Obvious foreshadowing: Heh, heh.
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